Replacement Ball Ends – Forged one piece

Replacement Ball Ends – Forged one piece


Forged Top Link replacement ball ends for cat 0,1,2 & 3 Top Links.Clear zinc plated.

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ImageSKUWeightARK Part NrRef part #EndsA - Eye Ball DiaB - Eye Ball LengthC - Thread DiaD - Thread LengthE - Usable LengthPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
AP1501.014 kg11SRE009B342Cat 119mm44mm1-1/8x7 UNC L.H143mm194mm$28.86
AP1511.014 kg11SRE010B343Cat 119mm44mm1-1/8x7 UNC R.H.143mm194mm$28.86
AP1521.496 kg11SRE019B346Cat 225.4mm51mm1-1/8x7 UNC L.H.187mm247mm$30.44
AP1531.496 kg11SRE020B347Cat 225.4mm51mm1-1/8x7 UNC R.H.187mm247mm$30.44



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Additional information

Weight N/A
ARK Part Nr

11SRE009, 11SRE010, 11SRE019, 11SRE020

Ref part #

B342, B343, B346, B347


Cat 1, Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 2

A - Eye Ball Dia

19mm, 19mm, 25.4mm, 25.4mm

B - Eye Ball Length

44mm, 44mm, 51mm, 51mm

C - Thread Dia

1-1/8×7 UNC L.H, 1-1/8×7 UNC R.H., 1-1/8×7 UNC L.H., 1-1/8×7 UNC R.H.

D - Thread Length

143mm, 143mm, 187mm, 187mm

E - Usable Length

194mm, 194mm, 247mm, 247mm