Heavy Duty Top Links 1 1/4″ Thread

Heavy Duty Top Links 1 1/4″ Thread


Heavy duty Top Links in cat 2 Sizes.
Red paint Centre tube and clear zinc plated repair ends unless otherwise specified.

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ImageSKUWeightARK Part NrRef part #EndsA - Eye Ball DiaB - Thread DiaC - Tube LengthD - Adjustment RangePriceQuantityAdd to Cart
AP1086.75 kg11STL124S3473Cat 225.4mm1-1/4 inch x7 UNC380mm565 - 825mm$134.96
AP1097.2 kg11STL125S3474Cat 225.4mm1-1/4 inch x7 UNC485mm665 - 930mm$137.32
AP1105.23 kg11STL163B5Cat 225.4mm1-1/4 inch x7 UNC380mm565 - 810mm$100.01
AP1116.41 kg11STL164B1Cat 225.4mm1-1/4 inch x7 UNC480mm665 - 910mm$83.54



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Additional information

Weight N/A
ARK Part Nr

11STL124, 11STL125, 11STL163, 11STL164

Ref part #

S3473, S3474, B5, B1


Cat 2, Cat 2, Cat 2, Cat 2

A - Eye Ball Dia

25.4mm, 25.4mm, 25.4mm, 25.4mm

B - Thread Dia

1-1/4 inch x7 UNC, 1-1/4 inch x7 UNC, 1-1/4 inch x7 UNC, 1-1/4 inch x7 UNC

C - Tube Length

380mm, 485mm, 380mm, 480mm

D - Adjustment Range

565 – 825mm, 665 – 930mm, 565 – 810mm, 665 – 910mm