Wide Shank Weld-on Ball Ends

Wide Shank Weld-on Ball Ends


Forged lift arm Weld-on Ball Ends with Wide and Thick shank for cat 1 to cat 3 tractors. Black phosphate housing and zinc plated ball.

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AP2500.41 kg14DSS020-119mm44mm50mm50mm10mm50mm$14.68
AP2510.88 kg14DSS006B328122mm35mm67mm70mm16mm60mm$20.02
AP2521.53 kg14DSS007B6329225.4mm38mm83mm80mm19mm70mm$33.19
AP2531.52 kg14DSS008B329228.5mm44.5mm83mm80mm19mm70mm$30.46
AP2541.46 kg14SSS003S3374228.5mm35mm90mm80mm19mm70mm$49.79
AP2552.30 kg14SSS006S8532228mm45mm104mm80mm24mm100mm$53.98
AP2561.71 kg14DSS005B2591336.5mm44mm89mm85mm19mm76mm$48.57
AP2572.45 kg14SSS019-229mm45mm100mm82.5mm24mm100mm$59.26
AP2580.85 kg14DSS027-225.4mm35mm76mm50mm19mm70mm$39.49



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14DSS020, 14DSS006, 14DSS007, 14DSS008, 14SSS003, 14SSS006, 14DSS005, 14SSS019, 14DSS027

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-, B328, B6329, B329, S3374, S8532, B2591, -, –


1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 2, 2


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