Custom machined parts

ARK Parts specialises in supplying Precision Machined Components for Agricultural, Forestry, Mining and Construction equipment.

Parts are manufactured exclusively for the customer’s use and as per customer’s drawings and specifications.

All Parts are manufactured in the ISO-9001 factories of UNIPARTS INDIA LTD. Uniparts has 7 manufacturing plants worldwide and is a supplier to global equipment manufacturers such as John Deere, Kubota, AGCO, SAME, CNH amongst others.

Machining Core Competencies are:

CNC Turning, Milling, Tapping, Drilling
Thread Rolling up to 65 ton capacity
Center less, cylindrical and inner grinding
Broaching, Hobbing, Spline Milling
SPMs for high productivity and special purpose applications

Welding Core Competencies are:

MIG Welding
Robotic Welding
Butt Welding

Heat Treatment Core Competencies are:

Heat treatment is a key process and we have a large variety of in-house heat treatment processes available.


Induction and furnace based annealing
Induction hardening
Case carburizing
Through hardening

Equipment / Capacity

600 tonne/month Seal Quench Furnace
450 tonne/month pit type furnaces
30,000 pieces/month induction hardening (single and multi spindle units)

Surface Finishing Core Competencies are:

The Uniparts Group is a predominant supplier to the OEM manufacturers of agricultural and construction equipment. In the last few years, the Group has added significant value to their customers by investing into various surface finishing technologies, matching up with international environmental protection standards. The group has built considerable expertise in the surface finish department and has built redundancies by having similar processes established at multiple locations.

Phosphating and pre treatment processes
CED coating
Wet primer of various shades and grades
Wet finish top coat of various shades
Powder Coating of various shades
Galvanizing – trivalent acid and alkaline based plating