Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance

“FIRST TIME RIGHT” work practices in ISO-9001 certified factories.

All our manufacturing facilities are ISO-9001 certified. They are equipped with the State of the Art Testing and Measuring Equipment.

The highest level of quality standards is maintained in all of the processes and procedures. Utmost importance is given on maintaining the optimum level of quality at all levels from raw material testing, patrol and stage inspection to final inspection. The latest machineries are used in all of the processes. In-house facilities have enabled it to maintain quality standards in all the processes. Total quality is achieved through implementation of Quality Management Systems. State of the art testing and measuring equipments ensure perfect quality of all the products. All components are first stimulated on computers to ensure accuracy. Technologies like microscopes, image analyzer, hardness tester, surface roughness tester are used for ensuring the perfection and precision of our products.

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