Drawbar Pins

Drawbar Pins


Forged Drawbar pins made from Medium carbon steel with a swivel handle. Available with Lynch Pin with retainer chain. Yellow zinc dichromate plated.

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AP3800.55 kg18SDH032B404Zinc plated19mm159mm175mm$9.20
AP3810.41 kg18SDH037B408Zinc plated19mm98mm114mm$8.40
AP3820.72 kg18SDH033B405Zinc plated22mm159mm175mm$11.16
AP3830.895 kg18SDH034B410Zinc plated25.4mm159mm175mm$10.69
AP3841.1 kg18SDH035B412Zinc plated28.5mm159mm175mm$16.24
AP3851.33 kg18EHP029B6412Zinc plated28.5mm183mm209mm$19.96
AP3861.32 kg18SDH036B415Zinc plated32mm159mm175mm$16.84
AP3871.93 kg18EHP013B416Zinc plated35mm183mm210mm$28.95
AP3882.2 kg18EHP012B417Zinc plated38mm186mm203mm$32.94



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Weight N/A
ARK Part Nr

18SDH032, 18SDH037, 18SDH033, 18SDH034, 18SDH035, 18EHP029, 18SDH036, 18EHP013, 18EHP012

Ref part #

B404, B408, B405, B410, B412, B6412, B415, B416, B417


Zinc plated


19mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25.4mm, 28.5mm, 28.5mm, 32mm, 35mm, 38mm


159mm, 98mm, 159mm, 159mm, 159mm, 183mm, 159mm, 183mm, 186mm


175mm, 114mm, 175mm, 175mm, 175mm, 209mm, 175mm, 210mm, 203mm