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Double shackle

Double Shackles for farm machinery, rigging, multiple hitches and general applications.

Forged construction from Medium carbon steel, and Stress relieved for heavy duty use. Load rated for safe operation.

Double Shackle body is black powder coated and pin is yellow zinc dichromate plated for long field life.

All the parts are listed with full technical information. A ‘Ref Part no’ is also listed for easy cross referencing of the ARK part number with commonly used part numbers.

Product Group Sub Group ARK Part Nr. Chain Size Work Load Limit (Kgs) Weight (Kg) RRP $ Action
Shackles Double shackle 24CDS001

6 / 8mm (1/4 or 5/16″)


0.150 $8.76
Shackles Double shackle 24CDS002



0.215 $9.2
Shackles Double shackle 24CDS003

11 / 12.7mm (7/16 or 1/2″)


0.450 $16.83
Shackles Double shackle 24CDS004



0.736 $20.54

Note: 1. Reference part nos listed only for reference. Products supplied will be as per ARK specs. Pls check suitability before ordering.
2. All prices are excluding GST and freight from Melbourne warehouse.